Africans to Spanish AmericaExpanding the Diaspora

Africans to Spanish AmericaExpanding the Diaspora

Sherwin K. Bryant and Rachel Sarah O'Toole

Print publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9780252036637

Publisher: University of Illinois Press


This book expands the Diaspora framework that has shaped much of the recent scholarship on Africans in the Americas to include Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Cuba, exploring the connections and disjunctures between colonial Latin America and the African Diaspora in the Spanish empires. While a majority of the research on the colonial Diaspora focuses on the Caribbean and Brazil, analysis of the regions of Mexico and the Andes opens up new questions of community formation diaspora framework that incorporated Spanish legal strategies in secular and ecclesiastical institutions as well as articulations of multiple African identities. This book is arranged around three themes: identity construction in the Americas; the struggle by enslaved and free people to present themselves as civilized, Christian, and resistant to slavery; and issues of cultural exclusion and inclusion. Across these broad themes, the chapters offer probing and detailed studies of the place and roles of people of African descent in the complex realities of colonial Spanish America.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Sherwin K. Bryant, Ben Vinson III, and Rachel Sarah O’Toole

Part 1 Complicating Identity in the African Diaspora to Spanish America

1 The Shape of a Diaspora

Leo J. Garofalo

3 To Be Free and Lucumí

Rachel Sarah O’Toole

Part 2 Royal Subjects, Loyal Christians, and Saints in the Alley

4 Between the Cross and the Sword

Charles Beatty-Medina

Part 3 Comparisons and Whitening Revisited: Race and Gender in Colonial Cuba

7 Whitening Revisited

Karen Y. Morrison