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Accordion Jokes

Accordion Jokes

A Folklorist’s View

(p.39) 2 Accordion Jokes
The Accordion in the Americas
Richard March
University of Illinois Press

This chapter presents accordion jokes and considers the reasons why accordions and accordion players are mocked. It suggests that sociological factors must have played the dominant role in assigning the accordion to the realm of despised instruments. Indeed, from its invention in the nineteenth century, the accordion never attained the respect of the elite class. It was a clever mechanical musical gadget. The accordion fad was in tune with the later nineteenth century's fascination with mechanization. Lacking a venerable pedigree, the accordion caught on among the less well-heeled part of the emerging middle class and the more plebeian working classes, and the instrument certainly was never accepted as a peer of the established classical orchestral instruments.

Keywords:   accordions, accordion jokes, musical instruments, nineteenth century, mechanization

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