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The Accordion in New Scores

The Accordion in New Scores

Paradigms of Authorship and Identity in William Schimmel’s Musical “Realities”

(p.295) 14 The Accordion in New Scores
The Accordion in the Americas
Marion S. Jacobson
University of Illinois Press

This chapter focuses on the work of contemporary composer and accordionist William Schimmel and his experimental use of the piano accordion. Schimmel's somewhat odd choice of instrument—which is not an accepted “concert instrument,” from the music academy's point of view—unshackles him from some classic compositional constraints, giving him the freedom to explore the piano accordion's unique tonalities and textures. Schimmel's interpretations not only give a new voice to classic works but release meanings hitherto concealed by strict adherence to the musical score. By opening up new possibilities for the potential of the accordion to signify “avant-garde,” Schimmel clearly walks on new shores.

Keywords:   William Schimmel, piano accordion, musical instruments, accordionists

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