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Family Matters (2002–2009)

Family Matters (2002–2009)

(p.126) 7 Family Matters (2002–2009)
Aaron Jay Kernis
Leta E. Miller
University of Illinois Press

This chapter studies Kernis's music in the years 2002–2009. If in the 1990s Kernis's works had been stimulated, to a large degree, by public happenings, those of the first decade of the twenty-first century drew primarily on private experiences—the most important being the birth of his twins and the death of his parents. At the time of his twins' birth, Kernis was in the midst of writing a choral work for the Dale Warland Singers, a three-movement composition, The Wheel of Time, and the Dance. In addition to the personal events that stimulated Kernis's change in direction during this period, he also instituted alterations to his working methods and his artistic representation. While he was composing Garden of Light, Kernis began to use the computer to help him sort through preliminary ideas. However, he found that the computer-generated output could also prove frustrating.

Keywords:   choral work, Dale Warland Singers, artistic representation, computer, computer-generated output

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